Friday, September 20, 2013

Theology on Tap at Blessed Sacrament:
Father Dyer and Perfect Love Casting Out Fear

Fear. Life often brings with it all sorts of fears. Fear of dangers, fear of worldly things, fear of losing worldly things, fear of ourselves, fear of God or at least fear of our conception of God. Are these fears justified, are they reasonable, or are some or all of them irrational? What can be done about our fears?

For Theology on Tap this week, Father Rich Dyer explores the question of fear and suggests an answer with his talk "Perfect Love Casts Out Fear." Please click on the link to this mp3 podcast to listen or right click to save it to listen later.

Father Dyer is another in a line of exceptional new priests that we are blessed to have. He was first assigned to Blessed Sacrament as a transitional deacon and then ordained to the priesthood in December 2011. Ever since he has been a bright light of faith. But the journey wasn't always easy - there were fears about what to do in his life, about what God was really calling him to do. Along the way, though, he sought the guidance of a saint, Thérèse of Lisieux, and she helped him to learn and understand that the answer to fear, as it is the answer to all other things, is love - the love of God, the love for God. As is said in the letter of Saint John from which the title of the talk is derived, "There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear" (1 John 4:18).

To be sure, this lesson was impressed upon Father Dyer in a very profound way. Normally, ordinations in Arlington are held in the spring, not December, but Bishop Loverde ordained Father Dyer early so that his father, who was seriously ill at the time, could attend. It was feared that his father would not make it to the spring and, in fact, his father died the day after the ordination. And so, the birth of his priesthood was an occasion of both happiness and mourning, joy and suffering. It was a time of love -- love of the Lord, love for the Lord, and love for one another.

Note: On Monday, September 30, Father Dyer will be appearing in the "live and in person" version of Theology on Tap at 3207 Washington Blvd., across from St. Charles Borromeo in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington. He will be speaking about St. Thérèse to kick-off the fall 2013 series, "Want to be Truly Great? Come, follow Me," focusing on the lives of the saints and how we can practically apply their lived heroic virtues in our time. So come and see and listen to Father Dyer and have some food and a pint too!

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