Friday, September 6, 2013

Theology on Tap at Blessed Sacrament:
Father Workman and the Simple Truth

Next up on Theology on Tap is Father Jamie R. Workman, a beloved previous Parochial Vicar at Blessed Sacrament, but now in full-time ministry in the Office of Canonical Affairs and the Diocesan Tribunal, with residence at the Church of Saint Luke in McLean.

What is so interesting and exciting about Father Workman, besides his insightful knowledge of the faith, is his conversion story. It is a love story about his encounter with Jesus and then His Church, which led him to enter the Catholic Church and then answer the call to become a priest.

We at Blessed Sacrament first met Jamie Workman when he was still a transitional deacon and then a newly-ordained baby priest. He is still, as he was then, on fire for the Lord. Please click on the link to this mp3 podcast and listen to this wonderful witness, "The Simple Truth" (right click to save it to listen later).

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