Friday, August 30, 2013

Theology on Tap Comes to Blessed Sacrament!

That's right, in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Dedication of Blessed Sacrament Church, Theology on Tap is here at Blessed Sacrament - or the blog at least.

As summer ends and everyone starts looking to go back to school and back to work, this is a good time to review our lives, assess what is right and what is not so right, and determine where to go from here. Of course, in this Year of Faith, Popes Benedict and Francis have called us to do that with our faith, with our relationship with Jesus Christ, to recognize our need for continual conversion, that is, to constantly be turning toward the Lord, who makes all things new, including us and our faith.

Appropriately, first on tap is our beloved pastor, Father John Cregan, who speaks about "Saying Yes to Christ: Your Call to Serve." He begins with the story of his own vocation, first to the Marine Corps, then to the priesthood. Please click on the link to this mp3 podcast and listen to this powerful witness (right click to save it to listen later).

We are all called by God to some role, to some function. No part of the Body of Christ, of which we are all members, is superfluous. We are all wanted, we are all needed. He asks all of us to serve Him, to serve Him who is Love and Truth. There is none of us who is so lowly or inadequate that he or she cannot serve, especially since He gives us the grace to do what needs to be done. Indeed, it is in serving Him and others that we are made truly free, and it is in humility, in recognizing our lowliness and allowing the Lord to make us His instruments, that we are raised up. And it begins with prayer, in opening our hearts to God and then shutting up enough to allow Him to speak to us.

What is the Lord saying to you? What is He calling you to do? And when He asks, what is your response?

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